Fixing My Old Artwork #2

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Hey guys! Today I I dug up some more of my old, childhood artwork and chose a couple (really bad) drawings that I am going to re-do them as an adult and see if I can improve them! These are really poorly done drawings, so I do a fair amount of roasting (you've been warned 😂 ), but remember if you are a beginner artist, it's okay to not make great art at first. In fact, even if you've been doing art for a long time (*cough* ME), it's okay if your art isn't the best. Don't fall into the trap of comparing yourself to other artists or put too much pressure on yourself. Most of us are just doing this art thing for fun. So do whatever is enjoy able for you! Okay. that's the end of my talk now 😂

This is kinda similar to the "draw this again" challenges I've seen from other youtubers. I was originally going to title this "Re-doing my childhood artwork." BUT I realized this video has a super similar format to my squishy makeovers. There's an art critique section (squishy roasting) and it's all about taking something that doesn't look it's best and transforming it into something new.

I ended up using a bunch of different media for these different drawings including watercolor, colored pencils, digital art with ipad and procreate and watercolor pencils.

Please let me know if you would like to see me do anymore videos like this and if there are any more drawings from the pile that you would like to see me redo in the future. I had a blast with this, and it would be a great way to fill my sketchbook which has been a little neglected lol.

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